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Minimize Downtime with our High Availability / Disaster Recovery solutions

Downtime equals lost revenue. Recovery of failed equipment is critical to any business success. BDS specializes in solutions geared to meet every customers’ uptime requirements.

At BDS, we will help you implement strategies that help measure the importance of applications to your business and help implement at best-fit solution for your organization’s High Availability / Disaster Recovery Plan.

We cater to meet your needs.

Key Points when planning a HA/DR solution:

When planning a Disaster Recovery & High Availability solution, many only think about data replication, such as tape backup, off-site vaulting or remote data replication. And as extremely important as backups are, it is only part of a much broader requirement. If the data is recoverable, what applications are in place to have it up and running? 

These keypoints are what we focus on when we do a Disaster Recovery & High Availability solution.

  • Understand the resources that you have to support the business.
  • What would the impact be if there was an outage or a disruption of key resources
  • How long would the flow of business be effected and what would the cost be per day.

Let’s discuss the specifics about your new HA/DR solution.

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