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Proudly serving Winston-Salem since 2001

Business Data Solutions provides cybersecurity assessments and cybersecurity support and consulting services for companies in the Winston-Salem, NC area. Our cybersecurity consultants are experts at identifying security weaknesses and getting the right protections in place against cyberattacks. Contact us today!

Cyberthreats are real and growing

Cybersecurity breaches are ever-increasing in today’s business landscape. With so much sensitive data being stored in company computers, businesses’ IT systems have become a common target for attackers to steal data and sell it to interested parties.

Studies have shown that 62% of the attacks are on small and medium-sized businesses. Smaller businesses are easy targets from the cybercriminals’ perspective because they often do not have the cybersecurity policies and protections in place that larger businesses have.

Get cybersecurity help now

The best was to prevent cyberattacks from happening is to identify the loopholes and vulnerabilities in the IT environment first, before the cybercriminal does. Business Data Solutions uses tested methodologies and software systems to collect broad sets of data and understand potential areas of weakness. From there, we reinforce the system’s weak points into an additional layer of cybersecurity, protecting your data, processes and your infrastructure.

Once your system is reinforced with technological protections, the next critical layer is your employees. Many cyberattacks occur due to lack of awareness of threats by users, who inadvertently provide openings to attacks, for example, by opening nefarious emails that contain appealing links to click on. It is extremely important to make users aware of potential threats, and how to avoid them. We will organize training seminars for your employees to reduce those human errors that may lead to security breaches.

Call our team of cybersecurity consultants today to learn more about how we can make your business invisible to hackers’ prying eyes. We can partner on an ongoing monthly basis, provide a one-time assessment, or offer consulting during a project launch or rollout.

Our Cybersecurity Assessment & Consulting Services

Cyberthreat Analysis
We deliver rich context around tactics, techniques, and procedures for more accurate detection and prediction of threats.

User Control
Continuous review & monitoring of all user activities for both online and offline environments. We’ll also configure and assign network rules for specific tasks as needed.

Regulatory Compliance
Our team will work with you to ensure your company meets compliance requirements in a manner that also benefits your operations and efficiency.

Vulnerability Tests
The most effective way to prevent a cyberattack is think like a hacker, and simulate an actual breach. Our team will deploy techniques to knowingly penetrate your company’s network security just as a true hacker would.