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IBM AS/400

IBM AS/400 Solutions to Rely On

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Business Data Solutions specializes in providing IBM AS/400 support in the Morganton, NC area. Utilize our IBM AS/400 consulting and support services to enhance operational experience and save time and money. Contact us today to speak to an IBM AS/400 consultant.

The utilization of IBM AS/400 is an ideal tool for many businesses. It is a stable and reliable platform that offers both web and mobile business application management. The key is to have the right solutions in place and the support you need to operate efficiently. At Business Data Solutions, we provide comprehensive IBM AS/400 support solutions to clients in a wide range of industries. For those considering a move to the platform, we offer IBM AS/400 consulting services, aiding in getting the right solution in place quickly. Work with our IBM AS/400 consultant today to learn more about how well this application tool can work to meet your business’s needs.

Why Organizations Use IBM AS/400

We often have customers who need more insight into the best tools for the way they run their business. Our IBM AS/400 consulting can help you to determine what those needs are. This is one of the most secure options available today for web and mobile business applications, which is why it has become such a sought-after product. This application system from IBM is, of course, not the only option, but it does provide some of the best features.

Emerging initially in 1988, it was designed to provide access to user-friendly computer systems for small to medium enterprises. The initial models, called the IBM AS/400 B-Series, included IBM 9404 and IBM 9406. It did not take long for this operating system to do well and to become one of the more sought-after solutions in the industry. By 1997, the company stated it was able to ship nearly 500,000 models around the globe.

Modern Versions Meet Unique Needs and Challenges

When you turn to our team for IBM AS/400 consulting and support services, you will learn more about the benefits of using this platform for your business's operations. The platform can help companies in a variety of ways standing out from the competition in a wide range of ways, such as:

  • Providing a web server and firewall, it offers a highly secure framework to work from.
  • It also has a large amount of hard disk space, which makes it a good choice for big data storage.
  • Domino and Notes are included, which provides companies with access to email tools, file sharing resources, and collaboration tools to help manage needs in an efficient manner.
  • The IBM AS/400 solution also is easy to integrate into as IBM as400e server iSeries along with Java Virtual Machine are accessible. It enables users to create commercial applications using Java.

Works with You to Determine the Right Fit

Though the IBM AS/400 solution is over three decades old, it is still very reliable and used in various industries. It can be highly beneficial for:

  • Data storage solutions
  • Running ecommerce businesses
  • Development systems for Java-based applications
  • Excellent collaboration solutions
  • Integration ease

IBM AS/400

When you reach out to our IBM AS/400 consultant, our team will work with you to better understand what your unique needs and goals are. We will determine which type of solution is the best fitting for your operations and can provide you with the most robust support available.

Turn to us for all your IBM AS/400 support needs. This includes the management of existing systems and the wide range of resources available to help support companies as they grow using the IBM AS/400 platform. No matter if you are confident this is the right system for your needs or are not sure just yet, our IBM AS/400 consultant can help you answer those questions.

Reach Out to Business Data Solutions Now for Help

At Business Data Solutions, we provide IBM AS/400 support solutions throughout Morganton, NC. Reach out to us now to learn more about your needs and our solutions. Our IBM AS/400 consultant is readily available to discuss your needs with you today. Call us now to learn more.