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Hassle-Free IT Relocation

Proudly serving Hickory since 2001

Business Data Solutions is your trusted local IT office move services in the Hickory, NC area. We acknowledge the stress associated with moving the technology aspects of your business, especially in the days preceding the move. There’s servers’ relocation, workstations relocation, data backup, logistics, recycling and disposal of unusable IT equipment, and installation of new IT infrastructure. All while planning business continuity every step of the way. We leverage our years of experience to pinpoint any potential pitfalls well in advance, ensuring seamless IT office relocation. Contact us today to speak to an IT relocation specialist. 

Avoid Devastating Data Loss or Extended Downtime

As your business scales, you'll need to relocate your IT infrastructure to a more flexible location. That means you'll be transporting your servers to new data centers, which makes IT relocation such a risky business. Just a single damaged server can significantly impact your business, especially when you have sensitive data at stake.

As such, moving your workstations and data centers to another building, town, or state goes beyond backing up a truck and loading the boxes. IT office move is an enormous task and can take time away from valuable data management responsibilities. Hence the need for a professional IT relocation specialist; skilled in transporting IT equipment efficiently.

At Business Data Solutions, we pride ourselves on planning IT office moves and organizing crucial precautions in advance. Our goal is to give you peace of mind while meeting your relocation requirements. We are experts at handling sensitive IT equipment and use specialized machines to transport your mission-critical technology. That way, your IT infrastructure is decommissioned, moved, and recommissioned with minimal business disruption.

Get a Hands-Free IT Office Move Services

We manage every aspect of your IT relocation, helping you avoid any associated nightmares. Our engineers understand the value and time-sensitive nature of your data assets. And make it their life mission to ensure zero downtime.

Our services include:

IT moves and changes

Whether relocating a single desktop or an entire office network, our engineers and logistics team will ensure your infrastructure is decommissioned, moved, and recommissioned efficiently.

We ensure your IT equipment is carefully packed and cushioned with special anti-static, air-cushion wrappers, security roll cages, and computer crates. Each terminal, printer, or PC system is packed in a secure computer crate. And a sealable cable assembly bag ensures no connection or peripheral items go missing. On arrival: we unpack, site, and recommission the equipment to the agreed plan.

Server relocation

The business-critical and complex nature of the server relocation calls for a full-scoping exercise before the move. Here, we factor in the logistical, technical, and business aspects of the move; and the preferences of all the stakeholders to generate a custom transportation schedule. When it comes to it, our engineers:

  • Label all power feeds and connectivity
  • Remove all cabling
  • Remove services from respective racks
  • Place each service in a server case (or a robust lined container) specially manufactured for serves' relocation
  • On delivery, the engineers re-rack the server equipment,
  • Reconnect & manage the cables as per the required office design
  • And then test the equipment to ensure it’s in good working order.

Overall, we understand that IT office move support takes cautious planning, movement, and testing. We begin the process by compiling data and testing the IT systems before disconnection. We then plan the reconnection phase as per your business and departmental needs. We detail everything from who will move what to how to test your systems upon reconnection.

As mentioned, our packing materials are designed and manufactured for IT office move services, ensuring safe transit of the client's tech infrastructure. We also leverage air-ride vehicles to maximize the protection and safety of your IT equipment.

Our Key Differentiators

  • Zero downtime. We plan and implement a seamless and timely relocation process. Our goal is to ensure a speedy operation while maintaining the integrity of your IT systems.
  • Custom relocation schedule. We provide personalized solutions tailored to your business, circumstances, and specific move.
  • One-stop-shop for your IT relocation needs. We are equipped to handle everything – from disconnection to reconnection. Still, you have control over your involvement throughout the operation.
  • Experience dealing with colocation facilities. Your relocation specialist is equipped to make arrangements to accommodate specific requirements of colocation centers before the move.
  • Completely insured relocation services.
  • Flexible schedules. We coordinate the relocating team to come when convenient for your business. We also carry a Masonite to cover and protect the floors at the pickup and destination sites.

What’s more? We coordinate with landlords at either location to ensure we meet all the requirements. And provide real-time updates during the operation.

Enjoy a Seamless Transition of Your IT Equipment to a New Office

At Business Data Solutions, we are a dedicated IT relocation specialist with many years of experience. We have highly tuned measures in place to ensure your IT systems are decommissioned, relocated, and recommissioned on time and with their integrity intact.