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Business Data Solutions is your trusted local network security consulting and network security auditing services company in the Gastonia, NC area. When you partner with us, you are ensured a network that is safe from cyberattacks and other threats. Contact us today to speak to a network security consultant.

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About Network Security Consulting & Auditing services

Today, every organization uses certain data networks to conduct business, access the cloud and internet, and serve customers online. It can be a LAN (local area network) if you have a single office locally, a MAN (metro area network) when you have multiple offices in a metropolitan area or a WAN (wide area network) for firms with offices across regions, nations or even the globe.

Fundamentally, network security involves:

  • Confidentiality: Keep your data intact and safe.
  • Integrity: Use the information and network with the right authorization.
  • Availability: Prevent your data networking from being infected, breached or attacked to avoid business disruption and loss.

Why choose Business Data Solutions as your network security partner?

A network, like a human body that sometimes gets sick, can become vulnerable to cyber-attacks and malign behaviors. Therefore, as you need a doctor to take care of your health, you could benefit from our network security experts to keep your network running correctly and safely.

Unfortunately, security risks, breaches and attacks can often cause quite a loss that is too big for a business to afford, either in terms of direct financial theft, productivity stoppage, or loss of data and customer trust. Hence the goal of network security is to maintain the safe and legitimate use of the network and block unauthorized use.

As network security company, we can help to prevent malicious use or accidental damage to your network’s proprietary data, users or devices. We also conduct network security auditing, a systematic evaluation, measurement and validation of the security of your firm’s information system and its compliance to a set of established criteria.

Benefits from our network security services

We will ensure you have a consolidated secure network with comprehensive protection against a diverse range of issues. We can deploy security measures like a firewall, anti-virus, application protection, anti-spam, wireless security, cloud access security, and DNS and online content filtration. Consequently, our network security work will deliver the following benefits:

  • Uncover security vulnerabilities in advance: Our network security auditing will inspect and uncover vulnerabilities of your network. Catching these risks on time and in advance best prevents the loss of sensitive data and the potential damage it may cause.
  • Offer on time recommendations and solutions: After finishing with the audits, our network security consultant will provide a list of recommendations on issues uncovered, such as network virus infection, access policy gaps or security device glitches. Based on your requests, we can run security fixes like installing anti-virus systems and consulting on better access policies in order to restore your network to optimal performance and protection.
  • Protect your business, customers and employees: We ensure you have a safe business environment and comprehensive digital protection for your IT ecosystem. In this way, your proprietary information is well protected, your employees can surf the internet safely with full productivity and your IT system is not at risk from potential threats. As a result, you will also build confidence with your clients, who can put more trust in your reliability and security.
  • Mitigate risks and deny spyware: Our network security services can stop spyware, and also prevent adware viruses, which fill your computer with unwanted advertisements that can hurt productivity.
  • Help reduce IT’s workload: The last thing you want to happen is your IT team becoming overloaded with security breaches, incidents and audits. Hiring a third party to conduct a network security audit can help you avoid such a disaster. Our network security consultant will do the heavy lifting and ensure your network is checked periodically. We will also report any network issues, recommend remedies and fix problems for you.

Firewall auditing

If you have a firewall installed on your network, based on PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) requirement 1.1.6, firewall reviews must be conducted semi-annually. Our network security auditing will establish consistency from review to review, which will enable continual improvement.

Our process to audit a firewall includes:

  • Gathering pre-audit information from firewall logs and previous audit records.
  • Inspecting the firewall physical and OS (operation system) security. The OS needs to pass common hardening checks.
  • Updating and optimizing the firewall’s rules and setup based on the current business environment.
  • Conducting a risk assessment against the industry’s best practices and making recommendations.

The principle of network security is simple: As hackers and cybercriminals get sneakier and more aggressive, network security practices and technology must also keep advancing to the next level.

Enhanced DDoS protection

A distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack occurs when hackers use multiple systems to overrun the bandwidth or resources of a targeted system. In other words, they can initiate a large amount of traffic to a certain web portal they want to cripple. Once the server hosting the web portal gets flooded with illegitimate traffic, it can collapse and the web portal becomes out of service.

Can a regular firewall stop DDoS attacks? Well, it can help detect a DDoS attack, but it often proves useless against such attacks. Hence, better protection against DDoS requires the so-called next-generation firewall (NGFW), equipped with deep packet inspection features and advanced countermeasures.

We take the following steps to mitigate a DDoS attack, working with either a physical NGFW on premise or a cloud-based security solution:

  • Detection: Our network security services will enable your web portal to distinguish an attack from normal traffic. The detection software works by scanning suspicious IP addresses, past attack patterns and other records.
  • Mitigation: This is when the magic happens. After the threat target is found, the DDoS protection mechanism will intelligently scrub the traffic, dropping malicious bot traffic and allowing the rest of the traffic through. This process will repeat until the traffic is clean.
  • Adaptation: The DDoS protection mechanism can analyze traffic for patterns and profiles to identify and categorize malicious offending IP blocks, hacker behaviors from certain source countries and improper protocols in breaches. In this way, a DDoS protection service can adapt to new security risk patterns and become better prepared against future attacks.

The best defense is to get ready before an attack takes place. We are the network security “doctors” and experts in the Gastonia, NC area to help cure the network security dangers, mitigate virus and malware attacks, and shield against hackers’ damages. Contact us today to speak to a consultant about our network security consulting and auditing services.