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Proudly serving Concord since 2001

Business Data Solutions is your trusted local provider of disaster recovery solutions and data backup services in the Concord, NCarea.  We have years of experience working with organizations in Concord and will ensure that yours is set up with the most sound and comprehensive disaster recovery solutions and data backup services to keep you up and running, and to prevent business disruptions.  Contact us today to learn more. 

What to look for in a disaster recovery solution

Many of the biggest threats to the daily operation of modern businesses are not to the building or power outages, but to its IT structure. They can be intentional cyberattacks or natural catastrophes, but any threat can disrupt workflows and the normal operations of your entire company.

This presents a tremendous need to protect your business against such events, and calls for a disaster recovery solution. Some of the key features to look for include several attributes and needs.


Business Data Solutions’ disaster recovery solutions provide monitoring support that continuously analyses your data storage environment and automatically notifies users of environmental changes that require attention before a potential disaster. This results in improved data protection, and faster and more-efficient responses when a disaster occurs.

Reliable monitoring tools can also lower the cost of disaster recovery and eliminate the need to have a large IT-response team. Our platform offers an accessible user interface that simplifies and consolidates key monitoring and security measurements on an interactive dashboard.


Protecting internal data is arguably the most important task of IT disaster management, so ensuring network security is critical. We will check your hardware and software to determine whether the most-recent security updates are in effect. We can also provide ongoing security management that consists of security audits that test for penetration and vulnerability.


In case of a natural catastrophe or similar localized disaster event that requires immediate response, it is best to have additional servers in other geographic locations. That diversifies your backup options for keeping the business running. Our disaster recovery solution stores backup copies in different geographical areas far enough away from each other that they will not be hit by the same local catastrophe, whether on premises, or on the cloud.


“Failback" is a critical process required to restore operations when a sitewide “failover" occurs. A failback is the process of restoring operations to the facility after they have been shifted to a secondary one during failover, a backup such as a server, network, database or processor. Our disaster recovery solutions include the ability to shift operations and restart from a secondary location. To maintain data consistency and integrity, our failback tracks all changes to the disaster recovery solution location while it is down. Once that is completed, a resynchronization process during restoration of the primary location incorporates all recent changes and data operations.


Disaster recovery is complex, with major impacts on your organization. We will help you generate a list of requirements and features expected with disaster recovery solution so you’re ensured the right solution is in place for your business. Our consultants have years of experience working with organizations to establish disaster recovery plans, and can help ensure that your business is set up with the most sound and comprehensive approach for business continuity in the event of a disaster.  Contact us today to learn more.